Dubai : The maiden venture of Glorious Anjelore Productions under the directorial venture of the well-known Musician/Singer/Composer Maxim Pereira Anjelore launched their first ever Konkani-Tulu bilingual movie ‘Ashem Zalem Kashem / Incha Aand Yencha’ in Dubai under the leadership of Mayura Awardee Entrepreneur Singer/Actor Joseph Mathias. The grand programme was held in the Banquet Hall of Bangalore Empire Restaurant, Karama on 25th February, 2017 at around 7.30 PM witnessed by a large fan followers of Konkani & Tulu.

MC Roshan D’Silva opened up the programme welcoming the audience and with prayer rendered by Lancy Noronha and Sharon Rego. He briefed on the days programme and also about the star of the day Maxim Pereira on his achievements and soon a video ‘A Tribute to Maxim Pereira’ was shown on the screen which was conceived by Shodhan.

Chief Guests, Walter Nandalike of, Sarvotham Shetty of Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha, Jennifer Dayan D’Souza of Daiji Dubai, Joseph Mathias of Merit Freight, Tulu Film Producer Shodhan Prasad & Maxim Pereira of Glorious Anjelore Productions were invited on to the stage and honoured with flower bouquet. Later the guests including Nisha Maxim lighted the traditional auspicious lamp and inaugurated the programme.

Later Roshan invited Maxim to speak about the movie. Maxim greeted all the audience for supporting him and being part of the event. He shared some of his earlier lighter moments and said that he and Joseph Mathias would always try to speak in Tulu most of the time they meet and even in the Church Pooja ceremony too they would crack in Tulu. Hence later a thought came to his mind ‘why not make a movie in Konkani-Tulu mix language, and the result is this movie. He said that both these regional languages needs to be saved and lifted at this point of time as people seldom care to promote. Hence a small effort is being made by him through this movie and requested all to support him in this cause. He added that his movie is packed with suspense, comedy, action, good music and brilliant story line while some of the Tulu Film stalwarts like Roopesh Shetty, Arvind Bolar, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor & Gopinath Bhat have acted along with the some of the famous actors of Konkani field. He later said that once the Censor is done he is planning to release the movie all over on 21st April, 2017 and requested all to support him. He also thanked all those helped him in the release of trailer including the Media representatives and expected the same support during release.

Soon Nisha Maxim handed over the audio of ‘Ashem Zalem Kashem’ to Walter Nandalike who released the audio and distributed the copies to all the guests. After the photo cession the much awaited Trailer of the said movie was launched and Sarvotham Shetty clicked the button while the trailer appeared on the screen. The audience cheered and applauded after seeing the trailer of their much awaited movie which is almost ready for release.

Roshan then invited Chief Guest Walter Nandalike to speak on the occasion and the later started his speech and stated that a revolution in Konkani Film has started and that it is being inspired by the Tulu Film fever which started with ‘Oriyardu Oriye Asal’ film. There are so many Tulu films being released recently and so have Konkani Movies with the recent release of ‘Kazar’ & ‘Ek Aslyar Ek Na’ both by Frank Fernandes and ‘Noshibanchi Khel’ by Henry D’Silva which got released and good response, he added. He also said that Maxim is a not only a dedicated person but also a perfectionist and said that Daijiworld will support him to the fullest as the dubbing and post production part of the movie is being done in Daiji Studios which is the first of its kind done so far and that they are eager to see the outcome of their work. He also revealed that the hero of the movie Roopesh Shetty has dubbed his voice in Konkani himself though he is a non-Konkani speaker and which no one can make out with the outcome which has come out so perfect. Also since there are so many well-known Tulu artiste in this movie in important roles and that noted Konkani supporter singer actor Joseph Mathias is also there in the movie; one can surely say that the movie is going to be a hit.

Next was Sarvotham Shetty who spoke on the movie release and said that this is a good initiative by Maxim as he planned this movie in Konkani-Tulu mix language and targeting both Konkani and Tulu crowd.He also shared that most of the people in this field of art are proceeding with mere blind faith where only few of their families support them. He added that most of them are really trying to support their mother tongue and language while very few from the community understand. He said that all Tulu and Konkani Community people will definitely support this movie and make it a hit.

Later Dayan D’Souza also spoke and said that this movie will get good support from the community and his good support is always there with Maxim for his adventurous effort in this making. He also added that both Hindu and Konanki community will surely support for the success of this movie. Followed was Shodhan Prasad who confirmed his commitment to support this movie as was how he had supported the previous Konkani movies. He said that his Team comprising of Director Ranjith Bajpe and Actor Deepak Paladka will do the best in releasing the movie worldwide successfully. He requested all the audience to support him to the fullest as was done earlier in making this movie success worldwide. On behalf of the audience, Deepak Paladka later spoke and conveyed his fullest support to Maxim and his movie.

Later Roshan announced the names of all those Media and other supporters who were honored with flowers by Maxim Pereira.

The programme got concluded with vote of thanks by Joseph Mathias who thanked all the supporters in detail and remembered their good deeds.

The evening ended with sumptuous buffet dinner.



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