Abu Dhabi, 01 Oct 2017: Konkani Community of St Paul’s parish, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi screened first ever Konkani/Tulu bilingual movie, Ashem Zalem Kashem/Incha Aand Ancha (How this has happened) at Safeer Centre, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi on Friday, September 29 at 1.00pm.

This is the first-ever venture of Glorious Angelore Productions, Mangaluru which has become blockbuster movie to be viewed by all Konkani and Tulu loving people of coastal Karnataka with their families and friends.

The show began with honoring actors who have attended the screening of 267th show of the movie - Jennifer D’Souza, Joseph Mathias and director Maxim Pereira with flower bouquet by the members of Konkani Community. Suresh Saldanha, the main coordinator of the show in Mussafah has introduced the movie stars and its director to jam-packed viewers audience and praised their commitment to keep up the spirit and rich heritage of Konkani and Tulu language of native Mangaluru.

Joseph Mathias spoke about the movie, their solo adventure and thanked all people who supported the movie. He also said, ‘It is our responsibility to continue and keep up the mother tongue Konkani alive and teach the language to our children.’

The director of the movie Maxim Pereira briefed about the movie and why he has opted to make it in bilingual. The lead actor Jennifer D’Souza appealed all Konkani/Tulu loving people to view this movie in supporting their future ventures as well.

The movie is the maiden venture of Glorious Angelore Productions and directed by well-known musician, singer, composer Maxim Pereira who has also contributed the script for this movie.The main cast of the movie includes RJ Rupesh Shetty in lead role accompanied by Jennifer D’Souza, Sinol Menezes, Rohan D’Souza, Ranjitha Lewis, Nikith Kothary, Jeevan Vas, Joseph Mathias, Judith D’Souza, Roshan Lasrado, Colin Mascarenhas, Sapna Pinto Mundrel Cyril. In addition to this, the famous and popular Tulu stars Arvind Bolar, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Umesh Mijar, Gopinath Bhat among others.

Ashem Zalem Kashem movie is a comedy show which is the union of 2 families focusing on the fate of Amit who at the young age is separated from his family without his fault and destined to enter in a family where he never deserved. This movie is filled with action, comedy and drama that has full of entertainment.

Maxim Pereira on his solo attempt in Konkani /Tulu movie done a excellent job. The movie kept the audience entertained throughout and at time very serious - villain and hero conflicts which kept the audience under suspense. The director has taken all precautions to keep the audience humorous throughout.

The music and sounds has been provided by Bittu Singh, Mumbai. The songs and the melodious music composed by Patson Pereira. The lyrics were provided by Maxim Pereira Angelore, Wilson Kateel, Joe Rego Kulshekar and John M Permannur. The songs have been sung by the melodious voice of Lavita D’Souza, Wilma Pereira, Loy Valentine and Maxim Pereira.

The Tulu part of the script and artwork is done by William Pinto. Roy Castelino, Jossy Sequeira, Manu Bantwal, Anil D’Mello and Blany D’Souza are the supporters of the movie.

This is a movie to be worth watching with entirel family members including kids as well as adult members which contains story, humor, good music, entertainment and above all free from violence. The theatre was full to its capacity and many people had to go back without watching this movie as the theatre was over booked.


Source: http://www.bellevision.com/index.php?action=topnews&type=18296


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